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I can't stop thinking about this radiolab episode about hookworms.

happy 2010 ya'll.


would you believe?

that I have been facebooking my blog for a long time?

what about tweeting? what if i were tweeting it?


yes, well....

estimated percentage of all existing blogs that have not been updated in 4 months: 94
thanks, Harpers.


Senator, felon, Internet genius.

"The Internet is not something that you just dump something on. It's not a big truck. It's a series of tubes." -- Sen. Ted Stevens explaining why he opposes Net Neutrality, June 28, 2006.

i am unclear - if a senator loses an election, and concedes the election, does that make him the former senator? or is he senator until the swearing in of the following senator? or is he senator for life?

maybe i should run for senator.


voting in San Francisco

UPDATE - 11/4/08-
the doctor and i went to our polling place this morning. we got there at 7:09 am. line was 30 people deep. the line didn't move. everyone started grumbling. poll was actually closed. Polls opened at 7:20 AM, or so. line started moving.
then the call went out "they don't have the right kind of pens! they only have blue bic pens! we don't think they work in the optical scanner. Does anyone have any black pens or sharpies?"

i groped around in my bag, found a couple sharpies, and offered them up. Many people had black pens. one woman walked home (across the street) and came back with a box of sharpies. soon it was sharpie city. smiles abounded at the polling station. democracy being supported by the people. do it yerself.

next hurdle was they only had 6 voting stalls. people didn't care. they sat down at a table with 8 or so people sitting around it, filling out the enormous ballots (see original below). they opened the door to the next room, and people went in there and sat on the floor.

then the line to put your ballots into the scanner (8 deep). the doctor and i were outta there at 8:15 am. we ran into many neighbors. we counted people of color. not too many for being the mission.

Original post -
the doctor and i tried to vote on Saturday afternoon at city hall.
we've found it nice to vote ahead of time, and we usually roll in, and are done in 5 minutes.
i am sort of overwhelmed with the amount of things on the california and san francisco ballots this year. 22 city and ten or 11 statewide things? plus all the usual decisions on supervisors, judges, state assembly and the like. it's a doozy of an election.

it was raining on saturday, and at times, pretty hard. we made our way over, thinking we'd scoot right in. no such luck. the line was out the door, down the block, around the corner. people standing in line, must have been 300 people long. it was raining. not lightly. the people were resolute. we circled in our car a couple times. Finally we pulled over. We looked at each other, and said "tomorrow".

So today we get up, and I had to head to work for a few things related to daylight savings ending, and we met up at a breakfast place right near city hall. have some breakfast, look at the time, notice that the polls just opened, and head over back to city hall. the line is tremendous. it is out the door, down the block, around the corner, down that block, around the other corner. if those people had been wearing star wars outfits, it would have seemed more like san francisco.

our voting place is a few blocks from our house. we'll take a shot early there on tuesday. our experience there has always been pretty lonely. ususally we're the only ones there. we'll see what happens tuesday.


Dear America

Please stop being afraid.

look where fear has gotten us thus far. we are paralyzed with fear, and our economy is tanking, we are in at least one war that we'll be in for a long time (Iraq or Afghanistan, you pick [And Hello, the 'war on terror' isn't a real war, just inciting more fear]), we've taken out most of the world economy, the 4th amendment is almost gone.

Time to deal with it. A small chunk at a time. Sure looks like a lot of work, but just take it day by day.

Please stop being afraid. We're getting nowhere with it.



and i don't care how you vote. this ain't about that. this is about stopping ism's.

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